Is Allerpet Dander Remover Safe and Does it Really Work?

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Multiple studies have been done regarding the efficacy of Allerpet.

One study was conducted regarding cats in 1995. In it, scientists measured the amount of allergy-causing protein found in the cats’ fur before and after treatments with Allerpet.

After two Allerpet treatments, the cats had significantly less allergens extracted from their coats.

The findings indicate that, while it isn’t a cure-all for allergens, Allerpet does help reduce the amount of allergens in an environment.

This is significant because cats produce a great deal of allergens. Unlike dog allergens, cat allergens are found in the sebaceous glands.

This means that they occur all over the cat’s skin and fur. Dogs, by contract, tend to only have allergens concentrated in their saliva and dander.

Is Allerpet Safe for Cats, Dogs, and Pets?

Allerpet is safe to use with your dogs and cats. It shouldn’t produce an allergic reaction in either you or your pet. Allerpet doesn’t include alcohol or tannic acid. These ingredients shouldn’t be used on your animal’s skin or hair since they have a caustic nature.

Allerpet uses the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Aloe vera
  • Green tea
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Citric acid
  • Glycerin
  • Hydrolyzed collagen
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein

These ingredients make up the bulk of the formula, along with a few chemical agents. The formula can be used around children and the elderly. It’s also safe to use for puppies and kittens.

How To Use Allerpet

Allerpet comes in a solution that you can spray on a wipe or washcloth. Gently wipe the solution over your pet’s fur in both directions, making sure you don’t entirely soak the fur. Then dry them off with a towel.

Allerpet Reviews

Allerpet has three main formulas. The catchall pet dander remover is optimized for use in households that have more than one type of pet. It’s also good for small pets like mice and hamsters.

The cat allergen formula is the most intense formula, since cat allergies tend to affect people more severely than dog allergies. In the same vein, the formula for dogs is less intense than the one for cats.

#1. Allerpet Pet Dander Remover Reviews

Allerpet Pet Dander Remover

Allerpet’s Pet Dander Remover works for multiple pets, and is safe for use with kittens and puppies as well. There are a great number of households that have a variety of different animals. This formula is optimized for use on all pets, rather than being specialized for one specific pet.

All pets can benefit from this solution. No harm comes to the animals, even when you use the formula on mice and other small pets. If anyone in your household has an allergy to your pets, this product is an all-in-one damp-wipe solution that allows you to coexist comfortably with your household pets.

This product comes in a 16-oz bottle.

#2. Allerpet Cat Dander Remover Reviews (Allerpet C for Cats)

Allerpet Cat Dander Remover

This Allerpet product has been specifically calibrated for cat owners. The previous product will work for cats, but this one has a higher concentration of factors that neutralize cat protein allergens.

The solution removes dander from your cat’s coat as it cleanses and conditions the fur and skin. Using this solution on a weekly basis will help to reduce cat dander on a significant level, including Fel d1 proteins. One study indicated that weekly Allerpet use helped reduce cat dander levels in the home by 50 percent.

The formulation is fragrance-free, non-toxic, and free of oils. It’s safe to be used on all cats, as well as kittens older than 10 weeks. This is a damp wipe and conditioner rather than a shampoo.

This product comes in a 12-oz bottle.

#3. Allerpet Dog Dander Remover Reviews (Allerpet D for Dogs)Allerpet Dog Dander Remover

Dog dander remover is specified by Allerpet to help remove dander from dogs. Allergists and veterinarians recommend using this product because it’s a damp wipe product that doesn’t require a full bath. You don’t have to go to the trouble of giving your dog a weekly bath.

Unlike traditional pet shampoos, the dog dander remover helps soften and condition the dog’s skin. This protects the epidermis and prevents the skin from growing dry and irritated. Your dog will shed less dander, and it will also lick its own coat less often, greatly reducing the presence of allergens in your home.

Since this product isn’t a full bath, it doesn’t carry the dangers of overbathing. You can either apply it weekly or, for more potent results, apply it every 3 to 4 days.

This product comes in a 12-oz bottle and can be purchased as in 2 pack option as well.

Where to Buy Allerpet

Allerpet has helpfully compiled a list of their suppliers. The main suppliers are in Canada, the UK, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. You can also find a number of Allerpet products on Amazon.

Allerpet is a good solution to reduce allergens between bathing sessions.

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