Best Dog Dander Shampoos to Help With Human Allergies

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One of the hardest things is finding out you’re allergic to your pet.

Allergies can wreak havoc on your system, causing watery eyes, a runny nose, an itchy throat, and shortness of breath.

But before you think about rehoming your canine friend, you might want to consider an anti-allergen pet shampoo.

The goal of an anti-allergen shampoo is to reduce the number of allergens your dog sheds and tracks through the home.

Allergens are found in the dander and saliva.

Dander is the dead skin flakes that every dog naturally sheds.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Dog Dander Shampoo for Allergy Sufferers

Do Dander Reducing Dog Shampoos Really Work?

Plenty of pet owners are happy to spend money on their pets. In fact, it was estimated that in 2021, more than 3 billion dollars were spent on shampoos and grooming items for pets.

Many pet owners with allergies invest in these products because they need a way to make their lives easier. But can these shampoos really work?

In some ways, yes. If you’re looking for a shampoo to act as a magic cure-all for allergies, you’ll find yourself disappointed.

However, regular pet bathing can give you allergy relief. In addition, baths are good for your dog. There are a number of components to keep in mind when selecting an anti-dander product.

Neutralizing Allergens?

A number of the anti-allergy products on the market claim they have properties that neutralize the allergens that trigger a pet owner’s allergic reaction.

These products have various active ingredients depending on who manufactures them, although you’ll most commonly find sulfur and salicylic acid.

Both of these ingredients help provide animals with itch relief, along with reducing the flaking skin an animal has.

Reducing the amount of skin flakes that your dog sheds will also help reduce the amount of dander in your home environment.

Since you’re breathing in less of it, you’re less likely to have a serious allergic reaction.

Another goal of most anti-dander shampoos is to hydrate the skin, which replenishes the epidermal barrier and reduces skin flaking.

However, there isn’t a great deal of evidence pointing to this method’s efficacy.

Most allergic pet owners should bathe their dog on a weekly basis, even if their breed generally requires bathing only every month or so.

This increase in bathing practices can cause the skin to dry out. In these cases, it’s important to use a shampoo with conditioning elements to ensure your pet’s skin stays hydrated.

Does Bathing A Dog Help With Allergies?

It doesn’t matter what shampoo you use: the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) recommends that allergic pet owners give their pets baths on a weekly basis.

This practice helps reduce the number of airborne allergens in your environment. Regular pet bathing is also important for their hygiene.

Experts recommend bathing both cats and dogs in lukewarm water. Hot water should never be used to bathe your pet, as this can make the blood vessels dilate, which causes the skin to itch.

Anti-dander formulas will help penetrate your pet’s coat and moisturize their skin.

If you’re bathing your dog more than typically recommended for their breed, a conditioning anti-dander formula is essential to prevent dryness and itching.

Regular grooming and bathing regimens help keep owners from feeling so sneezy and stuffy.

What to Look For in a Good Dog Allergy Shampoo

#1. Natural Ingredients

An ideal shampoo will use natural ingredients. Many shampoos use ingredients based in roots and plants. Natural shampoos are healthier for both you and your pet.

You shouldn’t bathe your pet with anything they couldn’t lick, since there’s a good chance your pet will groom their own fur once you’re finished.

Make sure that the shampoo you choose is 100% non-toxic and comes recommended by veterinarians.

#2. Hypoallergenic Formula

It should go without saying that an anti-allergy shampoo should use hypoallergenic ingredients. You aren’t the only one who might suffer from allergies.

Dogs can have allergic reactions to shampoo as well. Make sure you get a shampoo formulated to do right by both you and your canine pal.

#3. Moisturizing Properties

Weekly bathing has the potential to cause dry and itchy skin, especially if your dog’s breed doesn’t normally receive bathing in more than 3 or 4 week intervals.

Your ideal shampoo will moisturize your pet’s coat and skin, keeping them from itching. The itch-free protection will also help your environment stay clear of airborne dander.

#4. Parasite Fighting

Part of taking care of your pet’s hygiene is taking care of potential parasites. You should look for shampoos that help protect against ticks, fleas, and other common skin parasites.

Make sure you get your vet’s recommendation on the best ways to protect your dog against parasites. Not all parasites are skin-based, and you’ll want to protect them against things like heartworm as well.

#5. Odor Neutralizing

Your ideal shampoo should also be able to neutralize odors. Many people are familiar with that “doggy smell.” It tends to be a sign that it’s time to bathe your dog.

Most pet shampoos have odor-fighting elements. A good pet shampoo will help neutralize odor until it’s time for the next bath.

#6. Budget

Your budget is a major consideration of any purchase you make. When determining how much to spend on your anti-allergen shampoo, ask yourself:

  • How many bottles am I getting?
  • How big is a bottle?
  • Are any accessories included?
  • Will this last as long as I need it to?

Top 5 Anti Allergy Dog Dander Shampoo

#1. Allertech Pet Shampoo

This wondrous pet shampoo comes recommended for allergy control by allergists. As it cleans, it also removes the dog dander that causes allergies with pets.

The mild and gentle formula provides moisture to your pet’s skin, preventing dry skin flakes from occurring.

In addition to helping with allergies, this shampoo protects against ticks and fleas.

The non-toxic formula is also non-allergenic, so you don’t need to worry about you or your dog having an allergic reaction.

#2. Natural Dog Company Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Oatmeal Sensitive Skin Shampoo

This pet shampoo is designed for pets with sensitive skin, with a non-toxic and paraben-free formula.

It helps stop your dog’s inclination to groom and lick itself, which in turn prevents the buildup of dander.

The shampoo can also destroy odor while protecting against fleas and ticks.

The formula uses oatmeal and aloe vera to reduce itching and dryness, providing the most moisturizing power possible.

It’s great for soothing your dog’s irritated skin, and one treatment can reduce allergens for a maximum of 30 days.


#3. EZAll Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo

This all natural plant-based shampoo is manufactured by EZAll and is safe for cats, dogs, and small animals. It comes with a fresh scent that helps combat pet odors.

The shampoo lathers thick to condition and clean thick and long coats in addition to shorter hair pets too.

#4. The Ecology Works Anti-Allergen Pet ShampooAnti allergen shampoo

This shampoo is available in either a 1 pack or 2 pack, with the 2 pack allowing you to save 10%. The formula deep cleans and conditions to ensure your pet has a healthy coat and skin as well as removing dog dander.

In addition, this shampoo can neutralize dust mite allergens as it controls ticks and fleas. The deodorizing aspects of the formula help your dog look and smell fresh.

#5. Allersearch Pet Shampoo

This pet shampoo takes care to condition the skin and coat of your dog, ensuring there aren’t dry skin flakes.

The shampoo removes your pet’s dander and destroys dog odor. The hypoallergenic formula is made out of root and plant extracts.

Like the previous shampoo, this shampoo helps to protect your furry friend against ticks and fleas.

Just one treatment can last a maximum of 30 days, ideal for allergy sufferers. This shampoo is made in the USA and is biodegradable, fragrance free, and free of ammoniates and dyes.

Final Thoughts

There’s no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog since all dogs shed dander. People who experience dog allergies are reacting to proteins found in the dog dander and saliva.

While a shampoo won’t get rid of 100% of allergens, the right allergy shampoo can help reduce the number of allergens in your space.

For the deepest conditioning available, the oatmeal shampoo is right for you.

If you’re on a budget, the Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo is ideal.

People with severe allergies can benefit from the Allertech shampoo with its ability to remove dog dander.

While people wanting a 2-for-1 deal should get the Ecology Works shampoo.

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